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Kalkhoff Electric

7 Results
Kalkhoff Agattu Impulse 7 HS - 2016

Set your sights on the horizon, and let the Agattu Impulse 7 HS take you there. Your pedal effort is boosted with 250 watts of torque-sensitive assist from the Impulse motor, so you can travel farther, faster, and over tougher terrain with ease. The scenic route is calling and with the Agattu's… [more]

Kalkhoff Agattu Impulse 8 HS - 2016

Travel farther, faster on Kalkhoff's Agattu Impulse 8 HS. With the pedal-boosting power of a 250-watt Impulse motor, you'll be able to make quick work of tough hills and sail into blustery headwinds. The 17 aH (amp hour) lithium ion battery provides ample juice to carry you up to 127 miles in "low"… [more]

Kalkhoff Tasman Classic Impulse 8 HS - 2016

Kalkhoff's Tasman Classic will give you the legs you need to finally catch up to the Road Runner. With a lively, step-through aluminum frame, you'll get a smooth yet responsive ride, and with 250 watts of pedal assist power from the Impulse motor, tough hills and strong headwinds will be a breeze.… [more]

Kalkhoff Pro Connect Impulse S10 - 2016

If Kalkhoff's Pro Connect Impulse S10 had a middle name, it would probably have to be "freedom." The Pro Connect knocks down barriers between you and your ride, making long commutes a breeze. The 350 watt/36 volt Impulse motor delivers torque-sensitive assistance when you pedal, keeping a true… [more]

Kalkhoff Include 8 Premium - 2016

Easily incorporate more cycling into your everyday life with Kalkhoff's Include 8 Premium. A powerful 250-watt motor will help you sail over big hills and power through tough headwinds, so you can travel faster and farther. The motor is torque sensitive and activated by your pedal effort to… [more]

Kalkhoff Integrale 8 LTD - 2016

Kalkhoff's Integrale 8 LTD can tackle that long commute or Saturday cruise with no problem! Forget every limitation you thought made commuting by bike impossible, as the Integrale 8 LTD lets you cover long distances in a timely manner with 350 watts of assist from its torque-sensitive Impulse EVO… [more]

Kalkhoff Integrale S11 - 2016

Kalkhoff's Integrale S11 dissolves barriers to commuting bliss. This beautifully engineered electric bike helps you cover long distances in a timely manner with 350 watts of assist from its torque-sensitive Impulse EVO RS motor, all while keeping your work clothes presentable. The 17 aH (amp hour)… [more]

7 Results