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Too busy to make it over to our shop? Don't have a way to transport your bike that's in need of repairs? Simply want to enjoy the convenience of letting us come to you? Learn more about our mobile bike services - performed by the same skilled mechanics that help you out when you visit our bike shop. Give us a call or book your appointment online below.

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Basic Tune Up


  • Wheel True
  • Hub Adjustment
  • Tire Condition Check
  • Shifting Adjustment
  • Brake Adjustment
  • Chain Evaluation & Lube
  • Chain Ring & Cog Evaluation

Peak Tune-Up


  • Basic Tune-Up PLUS
  • Bottom Bracket & Headset Adjustment
  • Install of Tires & Tubs
  • Replacing of Cables & Housing
  • Bike Detailing & Drive Train Clean

Bike Build


  • Basic Tune-Up Adjustments PLUS
  • Unbox & Disposal of Packing Material
  • Application of Lube & Grease
  • Bike Sizing
  • 10% OFF Add Ons

Bike Wash & Drive Train Clean


  • Frame Clean with Muck-Off
  • Chain, Cassette, Crank & Derailleurs Degreased
  • Application of Fresh Grease & Your Choice of Lube
  • Application of Muck-Off Protectant
  • 10% OFF Muck-Off Products

Flat Fix & Tube Replacement


  • Evaluation of Tube, Tire Rim & Rim Strip
  • Replacement of Tube & Determine Cause of Initial Flat
  • Replacement of Basic Tire with Tube | $50


24 Hour Turnaround Time | 30-Day Guarantee