Bicycle Service
Bicycle Service

BASIC tune-up $70
  • Adjust & Tune Components
  • True Wheels & Tension Spokes
  • Inspect & Adjust Bearings
  •  Polish Frameset & Components
  •  Inflate Tires to Recommended Pressure
  • Test Ride
  •  Includes All Basic Tune-Up Items Plus:
  •  Clean All Components
  •  Wash Bike
  •  Lube Cables & Components
  •  Remove Drivetrain & Degrease Using UltraSonic© Cleaner
  • Includes All Peak Bicycle Tune-Up Items Plus: 
  •  Strip Bicycle to Bare Frame
  • Labor to Replace Any Components
  • Replace Cables & Housing *
  • Replace Handlebar Tape/Grips *
  • *Parts Included in Overhaul

RACE DAY tune-up $40
  • Adjust Brakes, Gears & Bearings
  • Check All Components For Safety
  • Wipe & Lubricate Chain
  • Lube All Components & Cables
  • Inspect Tires & Wheels
  • Test Ride

Race Day Tune-up $40 

Adjustments on brakes, gears, bearings, check all bolts and components for safety and proper torque and alignment, wipe chain and lubricate, lube all components and cables, inspect tires and wheels. Test ride. 

Basic Tune-up $70  Winter Special $50

All components adjusted and tuned, wheel alignment and spoke tension, inspect and adjust all bearings, check all bolts for torque, polish frame set and components, pump tires. Test ride. 

Peak Bicycle Tune-up $120  Winter Special $90

All components cleaned, bike washed, drive train removed and degreased in our Ultrasound cleaner, reinstalled and tuned, cables and all components lubed. All bolts torqued to spec. Test ride. 

Complete Overhaul $225 Winter Special $200

Bicycle is stripped down to the bare frame, all bearings cleaned and regreased, replaced if needed (additional cost applies on parts) all components installed and tuned. All cables and housings replacement included, handlebar tape and or grips included.

48-Hour Service Guarantee

At Charlotte Cycles we understand how much you miss your bike when it's at the shop for service.

With this in mind, upon your request, our commitment is to complete your service work in 48 hours or less – at no additional cost!

The few exceptions...

Special ordered parts or delays in reaching you regarding any unforeseen service-related issues which cause the service technician to wait for a response.
May not apply during certain sale promotions.
Charlotte Cycles is closed on Sundays and many holidays within the 48 hours after your bike is left for service. In this case the work will be completed before closing time on the next day after the day(s) we were closed.

Individual Services

Wheel alignment $15

Wheel alignment major/spoke replacement $25

Brake adjustment $15 each

Gear adjustment $15 each

Install handlebars wrap $20

Tire/tube installation $7

Crank installation $35

Head set Installation $35

Bottom bracket installation $35

Install chain $15

Install cassette $10

Install brake rotor $10

Install Brakes $20 each