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All-Road, All Adventure.

Gravel bikes were designed for adventure and now with the power of the electric assist, electric gravel bikes expand the gravel bike's capabilities. Gravel eBikes can climb steeper hills and reach desired speeds all while allowing the rider to control the effort exerted, reducing fatigue for longer rides. What is most exciting about the Gravel ebikes are the places you can go. They're fast and agile like road bikes but have a greater level of comfort and confidence on  gravel pathways and cross-country tracks. Looking for efficiency and control across long distances? The Giant Roam E+ Pro  will give you everything you're looking for plus more with their Smart Assist, RideControl and SyncDrive.  In need of something more heavy duty? Consider the Haibike SDURO built for back-country trekking and rough-terrain. Call Charlotte Cycles at 704-333-4358  for more availability details and questions.

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