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The Gazelle Ultimate

The Gazelle Ultimate family offers award-winning design, expertly marrying dynamic performance and premium comfort. Loaded with top-of-the-range components, ergnomic features, and powerful Bosch eBike Systems, Gazelle Ultimates offer a ride like no other. Sleek battery integration within the frame creates an eye-catching appearance, while its high capacity delivers a generous range suited to all sorts of adventures.

Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB 

$3,999 $3,799

The Ultimate T10 HMB is delightfully stable on the road thanks to the sleek battery and motor integration, plus the rigidity of the frame. The first-class groupset including Shimano XT, Bosch Performance line and ergonomically-shaped handlebar grips enable sporty performance, while the dynamic design offers supreme comfort and handling. This bike the ideal companion for long recreational trips, commuting and simply enjoying the ride.

Gazelle Ultiamte T10+

$4,499 $3,999

Arrive at work fast and relaxed with the Ultimate T10+ HMB. A dynamic contemporary design combined with the integrated motor and battery gives this ride a striking yet stylish presence. The aluminum frame is exceedingly stable, which translates into sporty handling and optimum agility. In addition to high-grade components, a high comfort level has been achieved by using puncture-resistant tires, ergonomic handlebar grips, and a suspension front fork.

Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB

$4,249 $3,999

The Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB is a comfortable touring bike spec'd with the Enviolo 380 trekking internal gear hub. The stepless shifting creates an effortless riding experience on any terrain or incline. Combined with the wide tires, a front suspension fork, and relaxed posture thanks to upright handlebars and frame design, this bike raises cycling comfort to an unprecedented new high.

Gazelle Ultimate C380+ HMB

$4,999 $4,499

The Gazelle Ultimate C380+ HMB is the perfect electric bike to take on any task, errand, or adventure. Equal parts sporty urban bike and comfortable touring bike, and powered by Bosch's formidable Performance Line Speed motor, this Gazelle goes the distance. The stepless shifting of the Enviolo hub paired with the Gates belt drive creates an easy riding experience in any conditions with whisper quiet shifting.

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With our Sales Center being conveitnly right next to the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, you can get the true Gazelle Ultimate experience and see how amazing these models are for yourself. Call 704-333-3458 to learn more about our test rides or to speak with an expert about the Gazelle Ultimate models.