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Used Giant Roam E+

 The powerful SyncDrive Core motor with 50NM makes pedaling easier than ever and wider tires give you the ability to ride any road, any route. Plus with the 400wh battery pack you're sure to go far.

Used Wallerang M.01

This sporty commuter e-bike is perfect for those always on the go. With Shimano STEPS, it is one of the most responsive and efficient rides out there. Equipped with automatic or manual electronic shifting options, this ride is truly convenient for any rider.

Used Trek Roscoe 7

Made for riders looking to have a bit of fun on the trail. With plenty of gears to shift into while climbing and 140mm of suspension, you're in for a playful and cushy ride.

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With so many used bikes, trikes and e-bikes to chose from, you're sure to find the right one for you. Find your hidden gem at the service center and pay as low as $100 for a used bike. 

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