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H = H handlebar
6 = 6 gear combinations 3 internal * 2 external
L = Mudguards
A = US Market

TM = Tempest Blue - frame
TM = Tembest Blue - extremities
SADW = Saddle Wide
TYM = Schwalbe Marathon
HDSV8 = Shutter Precision SV-8 dynamo hub
REV= Reverse Brakes - US Style - Left is front, Right is rear.

Dynamo lighting powers the front and rear lights from the hub, it is combined with a standlight to maintain power when stationary and means there is no charging required. New for 2019, the Shutter Precision SV-8 has a class leading combination of low weight, low rolling resistance and high efficiency. Combined with a 17 Lux Busch & Muller Lumotec Lyt front lamp, providing an excellent light field for all riding conditions and with the Brompton rear light.