Yuba elBoda Boda

Yuba elBoda Boda
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The elBoda Boda with eRAD mid-drive elevates utility cycling to a new level of elegance and comfort. The integrated rear rack and sideloaders make it easy to pick up a friend, a case of wine, or power tools. Shorter cargo bike riders will appreciate that the bike is available in step-thru versions to make it easier to get on the bike and under the load. Its stable handling and easy-shifting, will get you there and back, even in hilly San Francisco.

The New elBoda Boda makes it easy to go car-free. It’s powerful 350w eRAD mid-drive kit will get you where you’re going fast, and sweat-free! Capable of going up to 50 miles (60 km) per charge, with a top-speed of 20 mph (32 kph), the bike is fast, quiet, and light. The elBoda Boda is available in step-thru and step-over frames!

« Comfortable: The elBoda Boda rides like a European townie bike – upright and casual.
« Reliable: The eRAD motor system is designed to haul heavy cargo and climb hills easily.
« Low top tube: The low top tube makes it easy for people of all heights to get on the bike, even when loaded up.
« Lightweight: Despite its hauling capacity, this bike weighs about the same as other electric city bikes.
« Urban: Designed for urban living, this bike is comfortable picking up groceries and passengers, and still gets you to work looking fresh.
« Spandex-free: The casual frame and resin pedals mean that you can wear whatever you want while riding this bike.

Range: Up to 50* miles (60 km) per charge
Battery: Li-Ion / 48V / 11.6 Ah
Throttle and Pedal assist modes
5 Levels of pedal assist
2 year warranty on Yuba Frame and 1 year warranty on the eRAD electric system
Hauls 220 lbs. of cargo PLUS the rider