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Local Cycling Events

Explore more ways to ride in the Charlotte area, find demo events and get involved with your community. If you have additional questions about events or group riding please call 704.333.4358 x1.

KASK 2023 Winter Short Track Mountain Bike Series

Calling all mountain bikers! Come see us at the Winter Short Track Event from Start 2 Finish. We're so excited to see you all jump in the race and cheer you on at the Rock Hill Outdoor Center!

The winter short track is a five-race series on a 1.5 mile trail that combines elements of BMX, cyclo-cross and's super fast and very spectator-friendly. Start 2 Finish and the City of Rock Hill are working  hard to create a trail that's exciting for the race participants and spectators. Participants, based on category, will race 4 to 8 laps on the fast course. All of the events will be held at Rock Hill Criterium Course.

First race? Join their FREE Beginner Race Clinic with coach Shawn and other MTB skill instructors to learn race-specific skills and for a chance to pre-ride the official race course. All participants must register before attending.

Learn More and RSVP

Event Details: 

When: Jan. 22nd and 29th, Feb. 5th, 12th, and 19th (Register for more details)

Where: Rockhill Outdoor Center

Ride Type: Racing

Age: Youth and Adults

Mountain Bike Racing Tips

Watch this short video for essential tips on racing!

2022 Winter Short Track Race #4

Check out the turnout and track from last year to get an idea of what this race will look like for you!

All Bodies on Bikes Valentine's Day Ride

Show some love for your community this Valentine's Day! All Bodies on Bikes hosts social bike rides where everyone is welcome to move their bodies joyfully at a pace that is comfortable and safe for them! Join them Feb. 19th on 248 Ridgewood Ave, to show some love for your community, your bike and your body and all it can do for you! This ride is perfect for beginners and you'll have plenty to do along the way like see the Wing Haven Botanical Gardens, pick up chocolates at Bar Cocoa, and grab dinner at the Old Mecklenburg Brewery and Biegarten. More details will follow as we get closer to the event. For now, save the date!

When: Feb. 19th @ 4:00pm

Where: 248 Ridgewood Ave, Charlotte, NC 28209

Who: Everyone is welcome!

Learning Hub

Learn to ride in groups, at demo events and more by exploring the videos here so your always prepared for your next big adventure.

How to Ride in a Group

If you've ever been intimidated about going on a group ride, you're not alone.  Most group rides will have a quick orientation about how their group ride will work. So remember to your ride early so you don't miss any of that important information. In this video you will learn about how to ride your bike in a group setting.

Group Ride Etiquette

In this video, you will cover another important group ride function: etiquette. Group ride etiquette is about commodification and respect and it goes a long way with keeping you and your group mates safe.

What to Expect at a Demo Event

Demo Events are the perfect way to get to know a brand and check out the latest bike technology.  Demo-ing a bike is the ultimate test ride where you get to know a model up close and personal. You typically ride in the same terrain that the bike was designed for to get the full experience. It's important that you arrive to your demo event with your typical rider gear (clothing, footwear, pedals) to make sure you get the most out of your demo.