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ICE Recumbent Trikes

Inspired Cycle Engineering

Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) has been producing recumbent tricycles in Falmouth, England since 1999 but it can trace its history back to the original Trice first produced in 1986. This hard earned experience coupled with the sheer pleasure of developing their unique recumbents drives them to continually refine their trike designs and hone the comfort and performance of each machine. ICE Trikes range of premium recumbent trike models, each one built to order by their expert team, delivers the most refined and comfortable ride available today, with the performance of a thoroughbred. Visit us to learn more.

Introducing Shimano STEPS E- Assist Ice Trikes

The Shimano STEPS Electric assist systems give the push you need to explore further with ease. With the integrated 250w motor mounted at the front of the trike, the battery mounted under the trikes seat, a handlebar mounted computer and controller for easy access and a neat, well protected wiring loom, the whole system blends in and keeps your trike looking as great as ever. 

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