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Electric Bikes

Your Questions Answered

If you have questions about electric bikes, we’re here to help. Learn more and visit Charlotte Cycles today for a test ride.

Can I ride my eBike in the rain?

Yes, the battery is waterproof. However, we don’t recommend leaving your bike in the rain for extended amounts of time. To ensure a longer lasting battery life and less maintenance we recommend storing your eBike and battery indoors.

Is there special maintenance required with an eBike?

The only unique maintenance is that you will need to charge your battery and occasionally (every 6 months to a year) bring your bike and battery into the shop for a tune. Otherwise just standard maintenance will keep your bike in top condition.

How fast can I go? What are the different levels of assist?

The fastest eBikes which are in class 3 have a maximum speed of 28mph. The levels of assist vary between brands, but most can assist up to 400% of the power you put into the pedals!

Do electric bikes require a special driving license or registration? Do I need insurance?

In most states you do not need any special driving licenses, registration or insurance.

Do all electric bikes have throttles?

Some eBikes have throttles which don’t require the rider to pedal. The other style of eBike is a pedal assist which means that the rider must be pedaling for the motor to assist.

What is the range of my battery?

General range is 20-70 miles depending on power modes, terrain, and other riding conditions like load or wind.

How long does it usually take for a battery to charge?

Approximately 3-5 hours depending on the amps of the power source and the percentage of charge remaining on the battery when it’s plugged in.

Especially because of the higher price point, what is the best way to secure my bike when I’m out and about?

Most of our eBikes come with a key lock on the battery but we recommend also using another bike lock for the frame, check out our top rated Abus locks.

Does pedaling recharge the battery?

No, the motors are not regenerative. Most regenerative motors provide a negligible amount of energy back to the battery and sacrifice a lot in efficiency.

Is there a minimum speed for the motor to operate?

Some models offer walk-assist (a low assist for when the rider is standing beside the bike and rolling it) while other models have a minimum speed of 4mph (Gocycle).