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Cranked Honey. 100% Pure Local Honey

Backyard Honey Bees

We are a pollinator friendly business! Charlotte Cycles has partnered with local beekeeper, Matt Burgoon, to bring you CRANKED HONEY, 100% pure local wildflower honey. Matt uses a hand cranked honey extractor, which is a tool that has been around for over one hundred years. While redoing the landscaping around the shop, we planted a Cherry Blossom tree at the parking lot entrance (we are located in the historic Cherry neighborhood after all!), and several flowering shrubs around the shop. By keeping a garden with native plant species that attract pollinators, you too can help grow the population of honey bees and butterflies. About 30% of the food that we eat every day relies on pollination by honey bees as well as butterflies, birds, and bats. By creating more pollinator friendly landscapes, together we can help to encourage the pollination process, therefore maintaining the health of honey bees and crops in our area.

Little-Known-Fact: It has been common in the past for honey extractors to use a bicycle chain to drive the gears!

Charlotte Cycles is a sponsor of the NC Wildlife Federation in support of The Butterfly Highway initiative.
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