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Recumbent Trikes

Your Questions Answered

If you have questions about recumbent trikes, we’re here to help. Learn more and visit Charlotte Cycles today for a test ride.

What are some of the benefits of riding a recumbent over a traditional bicycle?

A unique riding position which some customers find to be more comfortable for their backs and knees which allows them to ride further and longer.

Are recumbents fast?

Yes! The riding position is more aerodynamic than uprights. Depending on the experience of the rider a recumbent can cruise at about 25mph.

How do recumbents handle various terrains?

Very well! Just like regular bicycles some recumbents are designed more for off-road riding and they are very capable.

Are recumbents as visible on the road as regular bikes?

They are not as visible because of the lower profile however we recommend having a flag and lights will ensure best visibility.

Can you transport a recumbent on a regular bike rack?

Sometimes you can purchase an adapter but there are also specially designed trike racks. Another option is a folding recumbent that can go in the trunk of your car.

Are there electric assist options?

Yes! Check out the options from Catrike, TerraTrike and ICE Trike.

What are the differences between a SWB and LWB? (short and long wheelbases)

Short wheel base (SWB) bikes are generally lighter, have more responsive steering, a higher crankset, may be a little better for climbing hills, and are easier to transport. Long wheel base (LWB) bikes give a little softer ride, allow a shorter reach to the ground, usually have lower cranks in relation to the seat, and have more forgiving steering.

Difference between USS and OSS? (under or over seat steering)

OSS is the most popular option as it is aerodynamic, and provides a better place to mount mirrors and computers. Some riders find USS more comfortable but because of design and manufacturing it is less popular.

What are the differences between recumbents with a single wheel in the back (tadpole style) vs a single wheel in the front (delta style)?

Generally, customers find tadpole style recumbents are more stable, but it depends on their balance and comfort. 


How do different gear ratios impact the comfort of the ride?

Gears will give you more options for conquering different terrain and hills.