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Folding Bikes

Your Questions Answered

If you have questions about folding bikes, we’re here to help. Learn more and visit Charlotte Cycles today for a test ride.

What are folding bikes best used for?

Folding bikes are best for commuting and for city exploring.


Are there electric assist options?

Yes! We recommend checking out options from Tern, Brompton, and Magnum.


How well do folding bikes handle different terrains? Do they climb hills?

They perform best on mostly flat paved trails and roads with occasional moderate hills.


How do wheel sizes impact the comfort of the ride?

Wheels are generally smaller than a traditional bicycle however they are very comfortable and capable.


Can you take a folding bike on an airplane?

Yes, if you take it as a “checked-bag” item. We have specifically designed carrying cases available for some brands.


Because they have different geometry than a traditional bicycle, are they more comfortable?

Most folding bikes have a more upright riding position, comfort preferences vary among customers so we recommend coming in for a test ride.


How much do they usually weigh?

Folding bikes are usually between 33 – 40 pounds. But you can roll them on the wheels after they’ve been folded, and only occasionally will you need to lift the entire bike.


Is there a weight limit for cargo/rider because of the folding mechanisms?

The maximum recommended weight limit of rider and luggage is 220lbs (100kg)


Are folding bikes typically only one speed or do they usually have multiple gear options?

There are both single speed and multi speed options. Customers usually prefer the versatility of multi-speed and it doesn’t significantly impact the total weight of the bike.


How do I fold my bike?

Each bike brand and style is a little different here are videos from Tern and Gocycles.