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Folding Bikes 

Mobility, Style, Freedom

Folding Bikes date back to the 1917s when they were mainly used for military use. Now that technology is available to everyone allowing riders from all backgrounds to experience the ease of travel with a folding bike.  Iconic brands like Brompton pride themselves on offering their riders with a stylish and easy way to get from place to place. With their entirely customizable folding bikes, riders are able to create the bike that best fits them, their style and their needs. Charlotte Cycles is your source for Bromptons and Electric Bromptons in the Carolinas. Other name-brand folding bikes like Tern and GoCycle offer different geometry and component options to fit rider preferences and usage. While brands like Magnum and iGO offer electric folding bikes that come equipped with a throttle and pedal assist .  When the pavement ends, iGO has you covered with  a Mini Fat-tire folding bike for any terrain. Call 704-333-4358 for more availability details and questions.  

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